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Fr Arun Kumar SJ

21 March 2020 at 1:30:00 pm

Few Directives for the Present evolving COVID-19 situation

Dear Friends.                                                                                              

Here are the directives

1. No "Way of the Cross" till 31st March 2020. Instead, please fast and pray at home and do a personal (or as a family) meditative/recited Way of the Cross in your own families.

2. No Mass for public till 31st March 2020. Instead follow mass on YouTube. The links are mentioned in Archbishop's message.

3. Based on the situation new directives will be issued for the Holy Week.

4. Please keep your faith strong and pray at home. Even though the letter says keep the church open for personal prayer, it will kept open only on request through phone call since we don't know who comes.

5. Remember to say your Rosary, Divine Mercy prayer, Read the Bible and Pray for protection from the Virus.

6. Each Ward can start a novena or Rosary (all at the same agreed time from each one's homes) for the eradication and control of Covid 19.

7. Above all stay safe by maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing as Phase 3 transmission of Covid 19 is from Community to community.

Let us together fight it out not with fear but with strong Faith.

If you have any doubt call me or message me (9972137656). I request you to avoid forwarding any messages which are not officially verified and personally checked.

This period can be an occasion for personal reading, reflection and writing (articles, poems, painting...) and especially spending quality time with the family members.

God bless us all

Fr Arun Kumar SJ

Parish Priest

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