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Monday Samachar 30 March 2020

Dear Friends,

The lockdown is continuing. It’s a painful reality. At the same time our faith has to deepen in God and hope for Good Samaritans to alleviate the present crisis.
On my part with your prayers and generosity,




(Fr Arun Kumar distributes food packages to the needy in the Kalena Agrahara area) 

1) I’ve organized to arrange daily 25 meals in our Church for the poor, widows and 3 migrant families.

2) With the help of Mount St Joseph we are able to provide bread to the stranded migrants near Kothanur Dinne. Even 50+ stray dogs come to us as we distribute bread to the poor. It’s a miserable sight booth of animals and people. Since these didn’t anticipate this situation.

3) We are familiar with the words “A family that prays together stays together”. We need to go beyond and pray as a Ward. If each Ward could fix up the time and daily 30 minutes and pray (if possible using that would lift our spirits high. The novenas are sent as was requested. I request the Ward leaders use the whatsApp groups and our website to unite the members of our parishes through prayer and sharing.

4) Each of us are struggling during this lockdown and have lots of questions. The parish website has opened a special window for each one of you to voice out your experiences and lessons during this troubled times. If some of you could write 10 sentences  (only 10) and send it to <> with your photo and Ward’s name, we will be publishing them on our parish website.

5) With the help of Fr Francis Guntipally SJ and Fr Teyol Machado SJ, I’ve secured the vehicle pass and am able to go around (of course with all precaution and safety measures) with young priests of Mount St Joseph to procure ration and distribute food.

6) Since too many things are forwarded or posted on the WhatsApp, we will be posting all the official news, announcements and resources on our website: kindly use this site to know more.

Stay safe, pray well
God Bless all

Fr Arun SJ

(Fr Anthony Joseph distributes food packages to the needy in the Kothanur Dinne area) 

Covid-19 numbers are increasing rapidly. It's a crucial stage hence lockdowns and curfews.  Let's stay at home and make our HOMES as the ONLY place of safety and protection. 

Some of the doctors have suggested the following:

1) Avoid going out
2. Avoid taking  newspapers
3. Wash or sanitise every item that comes from outside.
4) Hygiene (washing hands) 
3) Avoid Socialising even in your own complex or with neighbours. 
While these being life saving acts during this global human crisis, 

Spiritually we could: 
1) PRAY - individually and especially as a family. 
2)READ - the Word of God and good books 
3)REFLECT- on the condition we are in,  on values we have forgotten, on the destruction of nature,  the consumeristic attitude, etc... 

Even the advanced country like Italy couldn't cope with Corona. Compared to those counties, India is far behind with medical facilities. Hence I request you and through you, others that please adhere strictly to isolation so that you don't become victims of Covid - 19 and victimise others. 

God bless us and let's bless ourselves with our sincere efforts. Remember, God helps those who help themselves.

Please remember the homeless in your prayers.


Sunday Samachar 29 March 2020

On Saturday, 28th March, the Mount St Joseph community distributed home cooked food packets to 25 needy people in our vicinity, who have been out of job and out of wages for the last 10 days since the lockdown began. We thank those good Samaritans, who have come forward to support in our efforts.

CORONA UPDATES.     27 March 2020

Dear Friends,

For the past few days we have been in lockdown but everything is not shutdown. Many things and persons are open and especially the God who created us and the family members with whom we grew up are very open to us and we spend quality time with them. As we continue to remain inside, here are the few updates from your parish priest.

1. I succeeded in hosting a virtual prayer cum meeting through with some of the parishioners to check how they are. It worked well. Hence I request the ward leaders use this technology to connect the ward members and share how they are and even recite novena or a decade of Rosary, etc…

2. There will be a live streaming of Holy Week services with the help of Jude Britto, Fr Olvin Veigas and few others from our parish. If you have any suggestions regarding this you can send it to me once I send the plan of Holy Week.

3. Some of the parishioners suggested that we have the “Novena during the distress of Corona”. Hence I’ve attached the Novena prayers for Day 1. You can recite, review and help me to prepare for the coming days. Similarly “The Way of the Cross” with the integration of corona crisis too, has been sent to you through WhatsApp.

4. We have a new parish website designed by Jude Britto and Fr Olvin Veigas. Kindly browse through for the latest updates and give your suggestions for the improvement.

5. The Jesuits at Mount St Joseph have suggested that we provide ration and food to those landless labourers and shelter less daily wagers who are stuck with no means to sustain themselves. We are trying to provide food for a few and purchase ration for the rest. The approximate cost of procuring the essentials and distributing the ‘care packets’ would be as follow:

a. 250 grams of food packet Rs.25/- (subsidised and cooked in Mount St Joseph)
b. Essential grocery items for the family of 5 members (for 1 week) Rs.1100/-
c. Essential grocery items for the family of 5 members (1 month) Rs. 4500/-

You are most welcome to contribute during this period of crisis to help the helpless. It will be our Corporal Works of Mercy. Since social distancing doesn’t allow us to meet, you could follow the steps for the contribution: Fr Teyol Machado is working out the purchasing, packing and distribution plan with the police passes for vehicle and persons to distribute the ration and food.

How to Contribute?

1. Kindly click and fill the following link to be part of #WeAreHereForYou

2. Please call or mail the parish priest: Mob: 99721 37656; Email:

3. Mention clearly: Your name, your account number, the amount, the date of amount sent, the quantity of food or ration you wish to contribute. These details are important to provide you the receipt and give the financial report once a week or once in 15 days.

4. Please send money to the following bank Details of our parish.

Bank Name : South Indian Bank
Branch Name : Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore
Address of the Bank : Bannerghatta Road, Marylac Convent, Near Meenakshi Temple
Account Name : Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
Account Number : 0526053000004292
IFSC : SIBL0000526

Let’s continue to pray for one another and help each other especially the needy neighbour.

Yours in Christ

Fr Arun SJ

Announcements/updates from the Bangalore Archbishop's House

Announcement from the Bangalore Archbishop Peter Machado 27th March 2020 (English)

Announcement from the Bangalore Archbishop Peter Machado 27th March 2020 (Kannada)

Dear Friends.                                                                                              21-March-2020


Here are the directives 


1. No "Way of the Cross" till 31st March 2020. Instead, please fast and pray at home and do a personal (or as a family) meditative/recited Way of the Cross in your own families.


2. No Mass for public till 31st March 2020. Instead follow mass on YouTube. The links are mentioned in Archbishop's message.


3. Based on the situation new directives will be issued for the Holy Week.


4. Please keep your faith strong and pray at home. Even though the letter says keep the church open for personal prayer, it will kept open only on request through phone call since we don't know who comes. 


5. Remember to say your Rosary, Divine Mercy prayer, Read the Bible and Pray for protection from the Virus. 


6. Each Ward can start a novena or rosary (all at the same agreed time from each one's homes) for the eradication and control of Covid 19.


7. Above all stay safe by maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing as Phase 3 transmission of Covid 19 is from Community to community.


Let us together fight it out not with fear but with strong Faith.


If you have any doubt call me or message me (9972137656). I request you to avoid forwarding any messages which are not officially verified and personally checked. 


This period can be an occasion for personal reading, reflection and writing (articles, poems, painting...) and especially spending quality time with the family members.


God bless us all

Fr Arun Kumar SJ 

Parish Priest 

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