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In 1959 Mount St Joseph, the new novitiate of the Karnataka Jesuits was inaugurated in Kalena Agrahra, on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. Living next door to MSJ was a village of 300 souls, of whom only 60 were Catholics. They were said to be the descendants of a single progenitor who settle down here form Chikkakammanahalli. They used to go to Chikkakammanahalli for mass through ragi fields and it was very difficult in rainy season.

One of them donated a small piece of land to build a chapel. In a corner of MSJ property a small church was built for the Catholics of that village. It was dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Fr F. Viegas when he was in charge, had added a grotto of our Lady of Lourdes.

The first Rector of MSJ, Fr J. C. Pereira SJ, was himself taking care of the pastoral needs of the people. For many years it was a substation of Chikkakammanahalli. But as the Jesuit community was going to be a stable entity there, the Jesuits were given by Archbishop Pothacamury certain functional autonomy. As there were a number of priests and scholastics looking after them, the Catholics received a good amount of Christianity. Since there was no school in the village, the scholastics opened an evening school for the children.

Under the active interest taken by successive PPs, the people started to come to the church on Sundays, but it was difficult to get the elders for church meetings. The youth however, did participate in parish activities. With the Loyola School opened primarily for the local children, and the ITI and the Motor Driving School, the progress was accelerated. 

Fr Ronnie Prabhu as the PP, focused his attention on building up the faith of the children, by making the daily homilies a kind of catechetical instruction with the help of the pictorial series. He stressed the need of education for the children and was responsible for starting the Loyola Schools. Thanks to the cooperation of the inter-faith youth club, the gap between Christians and Hindus was narrowed down..

The original church was built for a small congregation. After 40 odd years, the population of the village and its surrounding multiplied manifold, and the building was found to be too small. The idea of a new church came up. On the same spot where once stood a small chapel, there now stands a magnificent large church, spacious and colourful, at Kalena Agrahara, which is the fruit of hard work of the PP Fr Anand Prabhu. It was inaugurated on 6 Dec 1998 by the Provincial Fr Ronnie Prabhu and blessed by Archbishop Ignatius Pinto. It has become the cynosure of all the eyes of people around. 

Though the boundaries of the church were demarked in 1993, it was only in 2002 that Kalena Agrahara became a full-fledged parish. Fr Maxim Rasquinha was the first Parish Priest in the full sense. Fr Archie Fernandes and Fr Mohan gave importance for regular masses and later Fr Francis Noronha started to visit the families regularly. The present PP John D Souza started many small groups and meet them regularly

With the expansion of Bangalore city limits, a lot of families and also few religious congregations also have come and settled down. To respond to the growing needs of people English masses were introduced, groups like St Vincent De Paul society, Jesuit volunteers, Marian sodality, choir group, youth group, women group, ward groups, divine Mercy Prayer group started to function.

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