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Sunday School

Catechism program was inaugurated on 16th June 2019 at Mount St. Joseph, Cantoni Hall with a traditional lighting of the lamp by Fr. Olvin Veigas, Amy Saldanha, Sr. Mary Celine, Sherlyn and Mary. Over 300 children and their parents attended the inauguration.  After a talk by Fr. Olvin, Amy Saldanha, the program Coordinator, detailed the program followed by a meet and greet of the teachers with the children and parents over coffee and cookies.

The classes started on June 23, 2019 with a series of questions and answers so that the children could study their religious educations and the principal tenets of faith easily and remember them.  The four pillars of the Catholic Church, Creed, Prayer, Sacraments and Morality were explored. The children were involved in activities of singing and colouring pictures of stories from the Bible, thus making it fun and easy to remember. Amy Saldanha supported the teachers by providing them with her broad-based research from various liturgical books. 

Some of the craft activities included colouring on God's Creation, Jesus in my house, life, neighbours, I am Gods' Gift, Ten Commandments, Jesus the Shepherd – Glass Art, Tree of Life – Fruits of the Holy Spirit, etc.

A special mention needs to be made here of our teacher volunteers whose sincerity, hard work and dedication helped to make the course a comprehensive one: 

LKG/UKG – Maria Dominick and Leena D'Souza
1st Grade – Natasha Moras
2nd Grade- Sr. Florence and Bro. Martin
3rd & 4th Grade – Deepa Almeida and Regis D'Cruz
5th & 6th Grade – Avy Duarado & Sr. Priya
7th & 8th Grade – Sr. Mary Celine & Jagdeep Pillai
9th & 10th Grade –Bro. Prakash and Anand V.

In August, 2019 students of 7th grade and above, their teachers and some parents were taken on a trip to Anekal, a Jesuit Seminary. Sch. Ashwin Cordeiro, a theology student at Anekal gave a talk to the students on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and held an interactive session with them.

The 1st Trimester completed on August 30, 2019. The Second Trimester began on September 1, 2019 and concluded on December 8th, 2019.

As we celebrated reverently the Feast of Nativity (Monthi Fest) on September 8th, the children brought flowers and happily participated in the mass and procession.  They were taught about Our Lady who blesses us with many things, first and foremost a loving mother to Jesus and us and she continuously intercedes for us with her son when we pray to her.

The classes also covered topics like:

  • The Saints in the Catholic Church

  • The Blessed Sacrament

  • Jesus' Commandment of Love

  • The Ten Plagues

  • Fruits of the Holy Spirit


Children's choir is a cherished initiative with 40 children being coached with utmost care by our Choir Mistress Maria Michelle, who keeps teaching them new songs and provides them an opportunity to cultivate an appreciation for music and share their talents while delivering a positive message. 

Mission Sunday in the Parish
In October 2019, our parish held the Mission Sunday and conducted a community fair to raise funds for the Mission. The children of 8th grade and above organised games and sold raffle tickets, and with the help of their parents brought in food items for the stalls.  This resulted in a whopping collection of Rs. 84,280/- for the Mission.

FHC was held at our parish on Sunday, November 24, 2019, on the feast of Christ the King. 24 students from our 5th and 6th Grades were prepared for FHC not just by teaching the prescribed syllabus/prayers but also by holding a special retreat for them and their parents and holding special talk on the following topics:

  • The meaning of the FHC Sacrament by Fr. Arun

  • What is Prayer? How to Pray by Amy Saldanha

  • Explanation of Sacraments in General by Sr. Priya

  • Explanation of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist by Avy Duarado

  • What is Sin? Why Confession is important by Fr. Joyson​

Canvas painting classes for FHC children were held under the guidance of Mira Pereira, Jude Pereira and Amy Saldanha, and their paintings were displayed in the church on the FHC Day.  A canvas painting was gifted to the main celebrant, Msgr. Jayanathan, who cherished the git and was very pleased with the art work.

The 2nd Trimester closed with Christmas craft activities on December 8, 2019 followed by a small party of cake and juice for all the children. The children of LKG, UKG and 1st performed a play for the parish Christmas celebration day. 
The Confirmation program started on December 1st. There are 35 candidates for confirmation and we have developed a very meaningful program for these candidates in consultation with our Parish Priest. The Confirmation date is fixed for February 9, 2020, with our beloved Archbishop's approval.

The 3rd Semester for Catechism classes will begin on January 5, 2020.

- Amy Saldanha                   (Catechism Co-ordinator)

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