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Samachar 02 April 2020

Samachar 02 April 2020

1 April 2020 at 6:30:00 pm

We had a pre-recording of the Holy Eucharist in our Church to check the sound system, singing, etc… The loud music outside, the barking sound of dogs was easily heard. Finally, we succeeded in recording the entire mass without much interruption. Jude Britto is editing it to be posted on our website. It’s uneasy and painful to offer mass in that big church looking at empty benches. Since I’m used to the congregation all these years.

St Francis Assisi Ward contributed Rs.25,000/- and we immediately ordered 25 ration packs with 9 items in each pack. Jagdeep brought ration for 4 families and Holy Mary Convent sisters sent a bag of rice and two bags of vegetables grown in their farm. Mrs. Aparna from Hulimavu sent a ration sufficient for 4 families through suggestion of Mrs. Sonya Fernandes.

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