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Concluding Ceremony of Catechism Program 2021-2022

February 27th, 2022 marked the end of the online Catechism year 2021-2022. A thanksgiving mass was celebrated at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, by Fr. Balaraju, Fr. Prashant and Fr. Prakash, for the teachers who dedicated their time and energy in the faith formation of our parish children. Fr. Balraju thanked all the teachers for their service and efforts and prayed for their well-being and safety. Amy Saldanha, the Catechism Coordinator thanked the children, parents and the teachers for their support to the program. She expressed that our parish is very fortunate to have such dedicated people to help the children enhance their Christian faith. The teachers were then presented with a small token of appreciation by Fr. Balraju, Parish Priest. Fr. Prasanth blessed each teacher individually, which created an emotional feeling. For all of us, it was truly a blessed Sunday.

Having completed the three-year term as the Catechism Coordinator, Amy Saldanha relinquished the charge and handed over the baton to Jesuit Volunteer (JV) Member Mr. Jagdeep Pillai who took over as the coordinator for the year 22-23. The catechism books were blessed by Fr. Prasanth and handed over to Jagdeep.

The Children’s choir under the guidance of Choir Mistress Maria Michelle sang throughout the mass with their melodious voices and kept the congregation in full awe and in festive mood. The children truly displayed their energy, enthusiasm and desire to sing to the Lord.

After the Holy Eucharist, the children performed an action song “An Awesome God” on the stage for the parishioners that drew a big round of applause.

The children then interacted with their teachers and each class representative spoke a few words commending the teachers for their efforts in shaping up the faith life of children.

The program concluded with a snack for the children and breakfast for the teachers.

(Submitted by Amy Saldanha)

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