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Couples Retreat in the Parish

Be completely humble & gentle; be patient bearing with one another in love. - Ephesians 4:2. Long awaited and proposed initiation of COUPLES RETREAT held on 24th September 2022 Saturday at Mount St Joseph after the very prompt and repeated announcements in all the masses for almost 4 Sundays about the same to the Parishioners.

The most awaited retreat was registered were 38 members out of which 16 were couples and rest were the individuals. The calm atmosphere with chanting music was the entry of the couples. The warm welcome speech of Fr Balaraju our Parish Priest made us to feel at home and very relaxed. He stated that Retreat is 3 R’s Relax, Rest & Renew with the Lord from all our busy schedules. Encouraged to have such breaks which is a to nourish the soul.

The Orientation of Fr Antony Joseph- Rector of MSJ was very nice and continued to Fr Balaraju’s idea of reuniting with God on an regular intervals and gave the retreat programs which is run on regular basis at Dynashram. A beautiful video of RIVER MEE was played to know the Origin, Tributaries, Hidden Flow, Detours, Obstacles, Dry Spell, Stagnation , deepening and Widening and finally Destination in union with God with a comparison to Married Life was very meaningful which aimed at a very simple connect with our day to day course of life.

Fr Xavier Savarimuthu a great and very inspiring priest spoke about understanding of Marriage in the Catholic Church and its importance of Marriage and Christ being the Centre of every Marriage an unseen Guest will lead to a very peaceful and prayer filled Families in future. The W’s worked a wonder WORSHIP – WORK – WALK , and the simple term of PRAY – Praise , Repeat, Ask, Yield was an insight to all.

Fr Edward spoke about Sutras for a fruitful Married Life saying that its not the 2 Individuals just coming together in a Marriage rather it’s the upbring, culture, habits, life styles so on and so forth. Once we accept and respect the upbring of the Individual then there is no question of fights, quarrels, not misunderstanding in the couples nor in the families. Teaching kids to choose a right decision for Life with values and in practise of Church in everyone. Forgiveness is the deep and profound key to all long lasting relationships. As Pope Francis Quotes learn the 3 Magical words in

marriage is – I am Sorry, Thank You and May I Please.

Fr Mohan SJ brought in beauty of Pearls & Pebbles on the way. The value of a person or situation or be it choices , would also allow us to very easily distinguish the difference of pearls of pebbles in the path of married life. Both have its own qualities of standing out with its importance. An introspection of 10 mins was given to identify the Pearls or Pebbles of journey of married life.

Fr John Pradeep gave an insight on Married Life – A Spiritual Journey with 3 P’s – PAUSE, PONDER and PROCEED. All the P’s are very important and also spoke about Spirituality & Religiosity. Also advised with the golden word of NO Decisions in Consolation or Desolation. The Retreat was a beautiful ending with the Mass and Marriage Vows were renewed which was the highlight of the Mass.

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