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Faith, Family, Thanksgiving: Mamma Mary’s Birthday Celebration

IHMC, September 08, 2023

In the liturgical calendar, only three birthdays are celebrated as feasts: Jesus, John the Baptist, and Mother Mary, whose birthday graced us on September 8th this year.

Our Parish celebrated this feast as an occasion to celebrate our faith and togetherness. We scheduled three Eucharistic celebrations throughout the day, catering to our diverse community with services in Kannada, Konkani, and English.

During the solemn celebration the new harvest was blessed, and the young and old alike paid homage to Mother Mary by adorning the statue of Maria Bambina with a Shower of Flowers her path with fragrant flowers. The angelic voices of the choir added a touch of spiritual beauty to the celebration.

As the Mass concluded, the sweetness of festal joy was further amplified as sweets were lovingly distributed among the faithful, creating a memorable moment of communal sharing. We extend our warmest appreciation to all the Parishioners who came together to make this festival a truly meaningful celebration and a fitting way to wish Mother Mary a happy and blessed birthday.

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