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Jesuit Volunteers visit Divine Life Centre

Home for Destitute Senior Persons.

June 30, 2022: The Divine Life Centre was established in 2015 and supported by HUMANITY FIRST FOUNDATION (HFF), a Civil Society Organisation to end Homelessness. HFF strives for the Welfare of destitute and homeless people. It has also started a new initiative to provide educational support to the tribal children in Ramnagar District.

The focus of HUMANITY FIRST FOUNDATION is rescue and rehabilitation of destitute and homeless persons who are in need of medical care and shelter.

The main objective of Divine Life Centre is to provide poor older persons a safe and comfortable place to live in dignity in the evenings of their life. Currently there are 8 residents who were abandoned by their families.

The Jesuit Volunteers visited this Centre on 25th June 2022 and sponsored lunch for all the residents. They also interacted with them and spent the afternoon at the Centre and were taken around the basic facilities. A detailed understanding of their requirements were taken for future action and such visits will continue to be taken over the next few months.

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