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Lent is a time of retreat and renewal.

Lent is a time of retreat and renewal. This season helps us to go deeper into ourselves and question ourselves where do I stand in relationship with God and Jesus our Saviour

The lent helps us to take a complete U-turn from our old ways of life to new way of life. We think about our brokenness and sins. The mercy of God leads us to take a U-turn from all this to newness of life.

This is what happened to us the Parishioners of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. We had a day of retreat in English conducted by Fr Maxim Misquith SJ and Mr Martin Ferrao from Divine Mercy Church and Fatima Retreat house, Mangalore on 20th March 2022. It started at 10 am and ended at 4.30 pm.

It was a good experience to the parishioners. Everyone felt like the disciples "Were not our hearts burning when we heard the Word of God". It was indeed a time of rest and renewal of our life.

Fr Balaraju

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