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With the generous sponsorship of Dr. Tulip and family from our parish, we organized an exciting event titled "Mega Bible Quest 2023”. The quiz centered around the Gospel of Matthew and Gospel of John and was open to all parishioners regardless of age and gender. A remarkable 43 teams, each consisting of 2 members, enthusiastically registered for the Quest.

On the first Saturday of November, the preliminary/Qualifying round took place. It featured four creative rounds, including multiple-choice questions and word search, all to be answered in writing. Every team gave their best, resulting in thirteen teams qualifying for the “Grand Finale” held on the second Saturday of December.

The Finale comprised five rounds, including interactive and writing modes of answering, and even a Buzzer round. Just before the finale commenced, the parish premises resembled an academic university, with participants deeply engrossed in studying the Bible, notes, and other materials to prepare for the final round.

The competition was intense, especially during the interactive rounds at the finale. The prize list included: first place - Rs. 5000, second place - Rs. 3000, third place - Rs. 2000, and three consolation prizes of Rs. 1000 each. However, the event sponsor generously added three more consolation prizes of Rs. 500 each. The prizes were given away during the Parish Christmas Celebration on December 17, 2023.

While not everyone could win, the main purpose of highlighting the wisdom and wealth in the Word of God was achieved, and the efforts to read the Bible seriously were commendable. May God bless Dr. Tulip and family for conceiving the idea of the Bible Quest and sponsoring the entire event. A million thanks to all the participants for actively engaging in this venture of intense Bible study. Prizes were distributed on December 17, 2023 during the Parish community Christmas Gathering.

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