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Youth Retreat

The Youth Retreat at St. Antony's Friary church was a memorable experience as it provided us with an opportunity to get to know youth from other parishes. It was also an enlightening time with Fr. Joseph and Fr. Robin Kumar, the resource persons for the day. The central themes addressed during this time included "An understanding into who we truly are" and "The Christian vocation". The themes were elaborated in detail throwing light into the roles and responsibilities of Christian youth to themselves, their immediate surroundings and to the larger Society and how it is important to carry God along with us in this journey.

The afternoon session commenced after meal focusing on the theme "Sin and Mistakes". The session was followed by adoration, meaningful confession and Holy Mass.

In a nutshell, as we recall our entire day spent in the retreat, the sessions did not carry any empty words and threats but addressed the practicality of instances that today's youth confront. It is not only a fruitful and prayerful time but that of an introspection into oneself thereby to transform inwardly to be better people.

03 April 2022

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