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Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

Kalena Agrahara

I. ADVENT CALENDAR: It is sent to you daily to take up something to improve oneself and one’s family and deepen one’s faith in God thus prepare for the coming Christmas.

II. CHRISTMAS HAMPER: 20-12-2020: 4.00PM- The poor families will be given the hampers to make their Christmas celebration meaningful.

III. CHRISTMAS CRIB COMPETITION: All the families who prepare the cribs at home, kindly click two photos along with family members standing around or by the side of the crib and send it to your ward leaders. The Ward leaders will collect all the pictures and make a pdf file and send it to the PP by 22nd and the results will be announced on 24th evening during the mass.


1. Fatima Prema 9964271793

2. Immaculate Dickson 9739097407

3. St Francis Assisi Premi 8861463901

4. St Ignatius Gilbert 9448376951

5. St Joseph Pushpa Mary 8553310482

6. St Michael-E Nishmitha 8123311559

7. St Michael-K Marshal 9964203574

IV. CHRISTMAS CAROL COMPETITION: The family members will sing together any Christmas carol for 2 minutes and send the video to the ward leaders by 20th. The ward leaders will bring them all in a pen drive on 22nd and will sit with the jury to decide the best 3 videos. The winners will receive the prizes on 24th evening during the mass.

V. CHRISTMAS FAMILY DANCE COMPETITION: We are used to the family prays together, stays together. You have been staying together since lockdown days. Now is the time to forget all differences and dance together with joy to the tune of “Angels we have heard of high” YouTube link is: The dance is for 2 minutes. Participation of all, Smile on the face, dress and steps will be areas to focus on. The videos will be sent to the ward leaders by 20th and who will bring them on 22nd to evaluate them in the parish hall. The winners will receive the prizes on 24th evening during the mass.


24-12-2020 Midnight Mass

5.00pm: English Mass

7.00pm: Kannada Mass

25-12-2020 Christmas Day Mass

7.00am: English Mass

8.30pm: Kannada Mass

Let’s experience CHRIST during CHRISTMAS in a profound way

Fr Arun Kumar

Parish Priest

Mobile: 9972137656

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