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Monday Samachar (30th March 2020)

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Dear Friends,

The lockdown is continuing. It’s a painful reality. At the same time our faith has to deepen in God and hope for Good Samaritans to alleviate the present crisis. On my part with your prayers and generosity,

1) I’ve organized to arrange daily 25 meals in our Church for the poor, widows and 3 migrant families.

2) With the help of Mount St Joseph we are able to provide bread to the stranded migrants near Kothanur Dinne. Even 50+ stray dogs come to us as we distribute bread to the poor. It’s a miserable sight booth of animals and people. Since these didn’t anticipate this situation.

3) We are familiar with the words “A family that prays together stays together”. We need to go beyond and pray as a Ward. If each Ward could fix up the time and daily 30 minutes and pray (if possible using that would lift our spirits high. The novenas are sent as was requested. I request the Ward leaders use the whatsApp groups and our website to unite the members of our parishes through prayer and sharing.

4) Each of us are struggling during this lockdown and have lots of questions. The parish website has opened a special window for each one of you to voice out your experiences and lessons during this troubled times. If some of you could write 10 sentences  (only 10) and send it to <> with your photo and Ward’s name, we will be publishing them on our parish website.

5) With the help of Fr Francis Guntipally SJ and Fr Teyol Machado SJ, I’ve secured the vehicle pass and am able to go around (of course with all precaution and safety measures) with young priests of Mount St Joseph to procure ration and distribute food.

6) Since too many things are forwarded or posted on the WhatsApp, we will be posting all the official news, announcements and resources on our website: kindly use this site to know more.

Stay safe, pray well God Bless all

Fr Arun SJ

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